Jim John
Yates Center, KS
(620) 363-0641

Welcome to professional bird dog trainer Jim John's web site. Here you will learn about this successful trainer and competitor who has been winning on the Brittany field trial circuit for the past 30 years.

Jim has trained and handled multiple US Open & National Champion Brittanys and competitive field trial dogs throughout the years, as well as training countless numbers of bird dogs as hunting companions. On occasion he also has well-bred Brittany puppies available to field trial or hunting homes. We are located in Yates Center, Kansas. Please browse through these pages to find out more.

What's New

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  • Smarteyes-Joker elected to the 2017 Brittany Hall of Fame
  • Sparky's Prairie Wind Gypsy wins the 2013 ABC National Championship
  • Shambo's Dark Shadow elected to the 2014 Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame
  • Joker's Jackpot wins the 2012 Purina All Age Brittany of the Year Award
  • Check out our current string of  Field Trial dogs
  • American Field article: Jim John, Winner of Eight United States Open Brittany Championships

  • NFC
    Sparky's Prairie Wind Gypsy

    Shambo's Dark Shadow

    Tequila's Joker

    Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D

    Rebel's Tough Is Tyrone

    Tequila Jack II

    1996 Iams Award Winner
    Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D
    1998 Iams Award Winner
    Tequila's Joker
    2002 Iams Award Winner
    Shambo's Dark Shadow
    2012 Purina Award Winner
    Joker's Jackpot

    U.S. Open Brittany Champions
    ( read American Field article )
        2007 Tequila Jack II
        2006 Shambo's Dark Shadow
        2002 Shambo's Dark Shadow
        1997 Tequila's Joker
        1996 Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D
        1995 Jim De Bob's Super Starr
        1994 A Bunch Of Butch
        1993 Bo-Nine's Lucky Bandit

    Brittany Field Trial Hall of Fame
        2017 Smarteyes-Joker
        2014 Shambo's Dark Shadow
        2005 Tequila's Joker
        2002 Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D
    ABC Hall of Fame
        2012 Shambo's Dark Shadow
        2006 Tequila's Joker
        2005 Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D
    National Champions
        2013 NFC Sparky's Prairie Wind Gypsy
        2001 NFC Shambo's Dark Shadow
        1997 NFC Tequila's Joker
    National Amateur Champions
        2005 NAFC Tequila Jack II
        1998 NAFC Rebel's Tough Is Tyrone
        1995 NAFC Jim De Bob's Sparks A Dan D

    Jim's home and kennel in Yates Center, Kansas


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